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Synthiko Formulations

Transbiotics Limited is a Company ventured into manufacturing of quality pharmaceutical formulations and is in the business for the last over 5 years. This is a public limited company with closely held shares. The promotors of this company are well experienced in the line. One of the Director who is looking after the technical and manufacturing affairs of the company is having 30 years manufacturing experience of quality different pharmaceutical dosage forms. The other Director is experienced in marketIng and Was associated with leading pharma companies.

Transbiotics Limited is manufacturing the following lending trade mark formulations which are sold all over in India for the last over 20 years. The brands manufactured and promoted by us includes Anti-Asthmatic drugs in the dosage forms of tablet and Syrup base, analgesic and pain killers in two tablet fonns and one in gel base, Protein and Enzyme in sylup bast. Antibiotics in tablet and Injectable forms,besides Antidermatological cream and other newly developed drugs.

With regard to effective and result oriented formulations, we have introduced many first tIme formulas In the market which are well accepted and even subsequently introduced by multinationals. We have a very strong R.D wing for developing new products.

Currently we are getting our products manufactured from highly quality conscious factories having WHO GMP and other quality control standards. We are in the procees of setting up our own manufacturing, facility with ISO 9002 / WHO GMP. We are currently having a field force of l25 covering 6 states in India. During the last financial year, we have recorded a sales of crores Plus. We are in process of expandIng our market coverage and by the end of 4th year we shall be havIng a, field staff of 400 personnel. With this increased coverage. we expect to touch a sale of 25 - 30 crores.

As the pharmaceutical market is a growing one which offers excellent market in the country and overseas sales potential, we are hopeful of registering regiStering quantum sales development in the next 3 to 4 years it we are able to fulfill our expansion pfogramme we hope in our endeavour to share the burden of medical frateruity in easing out the causes of ailing public. We shall be able to come out with flying colours.

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