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Company Profile

Communication equipment's are fast becoming the order of the day. However, how often have you either in nervousness, will the communication equipment let you down? Will i get service/upgrades in the long run? choosing the right communication system is an important business decision.

At sterling the guiding principle for any products offered to the customer is "does it add value to the customer" our products help managing productivity, obsolescence and control expenses: coupled with ease of use to ensure an animated experience while you use a sterling product.

A short introduction

We are 11 year - old company and have the privilege of being the premier communication company in Mumbai with a proven track record of providing reliable quality, telecom/power conditioning products which add value to your business. Today we are authorised distributor and service franchise centre in Mumbai for the following giants for their range of telecom products.

  • Syntel Telecomm
  • National Panasonic India P Ltd
  • Autometers Alliance Ltd
  • Elent/Consul
  • Networking/Leased line solutions/AMC for EPABX, KTS, Fax machine etc.

    I am sure these products will be of interest to you. Fax/e-mail us the customer entry form and sit back and relax for the future.

    At, sterling, we maintain a full staff readily available to serve your needs. If you require any additional information, please do not hesistate to let us know immediately.

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