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Company Profile

S.K.ENTERPRISES is a manufacturer of base oil, lubricant white oil, castor oil.
Mr. Shashikant Kamdar, a stalwart in general administration and finance management is the Chairman of the Kamdar group.

Mr. Haresh S. Kamdar, a first class graduate and a brilliant technocrat with innovative ideas is the Director of the company. He lends inspiring leadership to all activities of the company, be it production product development marketing R&D, etc. It's said "fortune favors the brave" and the brave man Mr, Kamdar is always ready to accept challenges to come out with flying colors. Mr. Hiren Kamdar, Joint Director, having a commercial experience of 8 years and leads inspiring leadership to promote & convert the innovative ideas of Mr. Haresh Kamdar. He also leads his leadership qualities to the group and helps to group to face the competition with strong commitment to quality and service.

The top-level management is assisted by a team of professionals in domestic marketing, in finance management and administration and a special team of technocrats in R&D and production. It's this combination of skills coupled with highly motivated team that contributes to the success of Kamdar group and has made itself amply known in the Domestic market as a "no compromise" group for its quality of the products or its commitment towards the clients

Sangam Oil Industries

S. K. EnterpriseSangam 0il Industries (S0I), the flagship company of Kamdar Group of Industries was established in by Shri Shashikant Kamdar. Over a period of time SOI has earned a reputation in the domestic market the best source for all kind of Petroleum products.

Under his able guidance was promoted S.K. Enterprises to cater to the growing marketof satisfying high quality conscious buyers in Castor Oil derivatives category. S.K.Enterprises, which is looked after by Mr. Haresh Kamdar, takes pride in developing new markets for other derivatives products by finding new application areas.

The main Products dealt in the company are White Oils, Spray Oils, Base Oils, Castor Oil & its derivatives.

The area of application for our product is very wide, some of the general use of It are Antistatic Conning oil, Cutting oil, Textile Auxiliaries, Industrial Jelly, Transformer Oil, Wire drawing Oil, Rolling mill Oil, Greases, Agerbatti oil, Glass Molding oil, Printing ink Oil, Blending from thicker to thinner oil, it also find its application in dyes and intermediate industries.

The application of Castor oil is Ethoxylation, Turkey Red Oil, and Greases Capacitor Oil, GMS (Glycerin monostearate) etc

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