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Company Profile

PYRAMID Fabricators and Engineers was established in 1983.It specializes in manufacturing and Fabrication of a variety of FibreGlass Reinforced Plastic items like Shelters,Cabins,Automobile parts,Chemical Equipments, Boats, Water Slides etc.We specialize in Custom-made products for Industrial clients.

Mr Vilas Pabalkar is the man behind PYRAMID.His is the typical rags to riches story,that of a rustic youth coming to the city and by dint of sheer hard work and dedication, finally making it to the top.PYRAMID today specializes in customized products and mouldings for a range of applications.

PYRAMID has to its credit some very specialized and challenging assignments which it has completed successfully in the past.From Devising practice bombshells for Armament Research and Development Establishment ,some others are as follows,

  • Building Complex at the ANTARTICA.
  • Material Supplied by Pyramid.
  • Special Boats for Indian missions to ANTARTICA.
  • Medical Complex at the SIACHIN GLACIER( The highest MILITARY Point in the world).90% of the material supplied by PYRAMID.
  • Portable Cabin side Office supplied to J.N.P.T.
  • Reputed Vendor for TELCO.
  • D.G.Q.A. Approved.

    Few other Advantages that We have over others are: Pricewise Competetive- Small Setup. Delivery- Faster as compared to Organised sector. Product Awareness High. Will Replace- Wood, Plastic, Steel. Experience- How to use Material? Where & When?

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