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"Ensuring healthy teeth, beautiful smiles"

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Nature has endowed us with a maginificent body with very intricate and mysterious functions. But unfortunately, we realise its importance only when a part is damaged or is in pain.

Whenever a person speaks, no doubt his face speaks even much more and teeth are an important element that enhances facial expression. Dental decay and related disorders in all sorts of people is a burning problem these days.

Nature gives us the set of permanent teeth only once in life. There is no provision for the substitution or replacement of a bad/lost tooth with the growth of new one.

If a badly broken down or decayed tooth is pulled out or if a loose tooth just falls by itself and if the vacant space thus created is not replaced by an artificial tooth at the earliest, the series of undesirable, untoward and damaging results can be easily viewed and understood in the following diagram.

  • The corresponding upper tooth gradually slides down into the vacant space.
  • The front and the back tooth of the vacant space also tend to shift gradually.
  • This series of sequential tooth position disturbance leads to break in the alignment of all the teeth, and this gives rise to the gaps in all the teeth, one by one.

    At Ora-Aware, we provide you with all alternatives. In our interaction, you can open up with your myths, doubts and problems - practical, financial and clinical. We are committed to advise you the right decision because

    "Best Results with maximum comfort and minimum cost is our prime concern"

    "Ora-Aware" is a well-equipped clinic as:

  • The dental chairs are electronic, fibre-optic and have disinfection facility.
  • With the rising concern arising from dreadful disease like AIDS and Hepatitis B, we have a speciality facility for instrument sterilization equipped with biosonic ultrasonic cleaner, automatic autoclaves, hot air oven, handpiece steriliser.
  • Electrosurgery unit by which bloodless surgery can be done.
  • Dental X-ray unit which minimises radiation to the patient.
  • And any more equipments like ultrasonic scaler, reduction gear hand pieces, apex locators, tooth vitality tester, light cure unit etc.
  • Every dental problem/disease is discussed in detail, combined with accurate diagnosis and 'the needed' correct treatment, in a friendly atomosphere.

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