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Company Profile

Nucleus Chem Oil Pvt Ltd with three decades of high accolades from a large number of reputed companies has a new setup today with the experiences of Mansukhani's and Jalani's.

The demand for various chemicals in various industries needs the guidance of marketing agents who keep a watch on quality, quantity, rate and timely supply. The satisfied client list enclosed, makes us proud.


The tradition and values we cherish.....

At nucleus commitment to delight the customer by exceeding his expectation in terms of product quality and delivery is a tradition.

Nucleus expanded vision is to become the brand leader and occupy the exalted position of Numero Uno in the field of chemical and oil with increased market share and real growth.

At Nuclues perfection in quality of the service to customer is a continuous process. Innovative cost effective ideas and teamwork eliminates waste to enhance a fare profit.

At Nucleus autonomy, sharing and training of an empowered and motivated workforce encourages involvement and harmonious relations.

At Nucleus it is our endeavour to develop a team of dedicated, professional customers, vendors, employees, dealers and consultants to act as partners in business and assist us in our goal of numero uno in the field of chemicals and oil.

At Nucleus we believe in developing a well integrated organisation, where individual vision are synchronized with the organisational goals of perfection and excellence.

At Nucleus we beleive in maintaining high ethical standard and transparency in business and respecting the dignity of individual.

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