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Company Profile

We, Equip-Tronics is presently manufacturing about 40 different instruments for colleges, research institutes and Industries, with annual group turn-over of Rs. 45 lacs in 1993-94.

Expansion Project

Our expansion project is on anvil. We have purchased on industrial unit in Vasai with area of 2000 sq. feet. There we propose to set up process control fabrication and turnkey projects.

How we maintain Quality

The instrumentation line is very much competitive and more over the end uses of such instrument is in a field where reliability is a key factor. In a drug industry or in a defence set up, lots of lives depend on reading of such instrument. Hence we have to struggle to achieve quality and low failure rate.

We got inspiration from slogans displayed on the walls of Naval Establishment. Moerover there is global trend towards stringent quality requirement of customers.

"A company cannot survive for a long time if it produces poor quality product". This philosophy has been in our blood since our inception.

Packing and Storage

Each and every instrument after testing is labelled with date, sr. No and initial of production engineer. Thereafter they are packed in corrugated cartons with plastic bag. The necessary operational manual and accessories are also enclosed in the box. The box is sealed and stored in rack or delivered to customer as the case may be. Usually our guarantee period is 12 to 18 months. We obtaine users report and if found to be genuine then corrective measures are taken so that the fault is not repeated in future.

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