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Eltek brand needs no introduction to the scientific fraternity. The new generation high speed centrifuges are offered incorporating the latest technology and more features for the convenience of the user. This range of centriguges are:

Environment Friendly: With CFC free refrigeration system, depletion of the ozone layer is prevented, protecting the nature. At the same time, offering you a suitable equipment that meet the needs of the modern laboratory. Brush less induction motor for low noise and maintenance free driven system for smooth functioning of the centrifuge.

User Friendly: Easy to set programmable microprocessor with memory.

The Natural Choice for your lab: Steplessly variable speed drive with a range of 100 RPM to 20000 RPM with digital speed indication of rotor speed.

RCF indication in relation to the operating rotor and speed(by selection)

Easily changeable rotor heads with tube capacities ranging from 0.5 ml to 100 ml.

Centrifuging chamber temperature adjustable within the range of -10deg c to + 40 deg c for refrigerated centrifuge model MP 400R.

Thermal protection for non-refrigerated centrifuge model MP 400.

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