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Ebbrahim Currim and Sons, carrying on business in Princess Street, and Jooma Masjid, in Bombay, are manufacturers of umbrellas which are most extensively sold than any other throughout India, excepting perhaps in the Bengal Presidency. The Founder Mr. Ebrahim Currim, opened small premises in Bazar Gate Street, Fort, Bombay, in the year 1860, dealing in umbrellas imported from England,and plodded along there for about eight years, until increasing trade necessitated his removal from Jooma Masjid in the same city. The latter premises consisted at that time of two shops, but the development of the business has been so great that periodical additions to them brought the number to eight, all in one block.

Mr. E. Currim admitted into partnership his three sons, Messers - Rahimbhai, Ramjanally and Goolamally, styling, the firm Ebrahim Currim & Sons, and in 1902 they established the National Umbrella Factory. In the following year the eldest son paid a visit to Europe, where he studied the methods of manufacturing umbrellas, and he also purchased a complete equipment of machinery and plant for the use of the firm in Bombay.

Further accommodation being required for extended operations, the old factory premises were given up and spacious premises near Jail Road were bought. As soon as the new plant of first quality and exceedingly popular in nearly every part of India, and other brands, with scarcely inferior reputations, known by the names of "Globe", "Dragon" and "Peacock". Not more than 15 per cent of the firm's stock is now imported, the whole of the reminder being made in their own factory.

All raw materials are imported from various parts of the world the cane for the handles, for instance, being obtained in China, and subsequently bent, shaped and polished in the factory at Bombay. The machinery is kept running throughout the year, and the average daily output of umbrellas is about 2,50, but during a pressure of business as many as 3,000 can be completed in the same length of time.

Branches for distribution purpose only have been opened at Madras where the firm commenced with one shop and they now own four and at Calicut, where the original single store has been replaced by three suitable shops. These facts speak volumes for the enterprise of the partners who are strong advocates of the policy of 'a large business, small profits and quick returns'.

Prior to the opening of the Calicut branch, the majority of the people on the Malbar coast used palm-leaves as protection against sun and rain, but M/S E.Currim & Sons have taught them to adopt umbrellas, and PURDAH ladies have even been converted to the use of them.

A large wholesale business, giving the firm a practical monopoly in India has been built up, and the partners attribute these success in a very large measure.

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