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Change Vision, Change Perception and Inprove Performance

Company Profile

Brajeswari Yogananda Behavioral Vision Development (BYBVD) is the pioneer of its kind in India to successfully launch Vision Development Program (as 2/3rd of our perception comes from Vision) where the patients are treated behaviorally.

This is an American Vision Training Treatment - a non Surgical & non Medicinal Visual Therapy oriented clinical treatment which being the new concept/technique in our country, for the development of comprehensive Vision, related & leading to visual-perceptual-spatial skill, required to perform in either interactions in day-to-day living, studies, work situation in anyones respective work stations or any other form of performance elsewhere done by pre-school or a regular school & college goer or an industrial worker/corporate executive, sports person, artists in entertainment industries, aged stroke patients or other performer.

Any irregularity from the appropriate/natural development since childhood care pre-natal & post-natal both will lead to vision related behavioral/other performance problem in the respective area of function (deviation from the Standard Model Performance) which can be prevented/rehabilitated at early stage through only this unique proven treatment.

This treatment improves a person's entity efficacy/productivity/work creativity by developing only the existant visual-perceptual-spatial skill (non-surgically/medicinally) to a moderated level of vision/kinesthesia primarily responsible for human performance, a tailor-made, assessed treatment technique which was never available to us in India.

Most commonly known in the specialized field of Optometry from the United States of America where more than a few decades this science had been popularized with grand reviving success, now started in India clinically for the first time to treat visually impaired patients which were/are being assessed for the deserving treatment modality due to unawareness of this clinical science and patients keep ailing.

You may experience as follows :

    It will decrease stress, fatigue, frustration, clumsiness, hyperactivity etc.

    It will make less accident prone, awkward etc.

    It will reduce withdrawal tendencies.

    It will increase comfort, awareness of environment, awareness of periphery, interest in reading.

    It will increase awareness of depth, speed of reading, reading comprehension, reading endurance.

    It will increase spontaneous reading, interest in trying new things, self confidence, sense of well being.

    It will make job or career advancement. More active participation in sports, hobbies , matured behavior, relaxed.

    It will make doing things without being told, make happier in general, smiling more often, liking school or job better , completing assignments or projects , feeling more in control

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