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Company Profile

Bombay Trading Corporation are one of the leading Importers and Sole Selling Agents in India for various types of Tools and Equipments. We represent a number of companies as their sole agents/distributors

We can supply you high quality Imported tools :

Socket wrench sets in 1/2" combined socket sets, loose socket spanners, extensions, T-handles, couplers, adopters and other accessories

Hex Key sets

Chain pipe wrenches, Heavy duty pipe wrenches, mini chain wrench, chain tongs

Automatic spiral ratchet screwdrivers, stubby screw drivers, philips type screw driver sets

Automobile tools for testing i.e timing lights, fuel pump testers, engine analysers, radiator testers

Valve spring compressor, ring compressors, vice grip pliers

Pneumatic air tools

Flaring tools, tube cutters, pipe cutters, pinching tools for copper tubes, refrigeration and air conditioning

Carbide tipped mansonary drills

Gringing wheels and cut off wheels

All other types of special tools

We are confident that we can cater to your every need in tools and equipments.

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