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Standards of health care is entering revolutionary phase in India today. So also, approach, concepts and perception of skin care is changing dramatically thanks to consumerism, beauty contests, media coverage. Thousands of unskilled beauty clinics have sprung upto cater the sudden spurt in demand. So there is imminent need quality skin care centres across the country.

My professor Dr. Behl envisaged this phenomenon almost 4 decades ago, started a skin institute in New Delhi, presntly one of the largest skin hospital in the world. He also pioneered first surgical treatment (skin grafting) of leucoderma in 1961, contributed extinsively to research, would easily qualify for the title "Father of Cosmetic Skin Surgeries" in India. His teachings and training inspires and is the driving force behind our skin clinic at Bangalore.

Thus born Amba Skin Clinic in 2001 at 10/1, 26th Main Road, 9th Block, Jayanagar.

  • To provide quality skin care and cosmetic skin surgeries at affordable rates at all sections of society.
  • To create social awareness about leucoderma. Carry out herbal research on leucoderma.
  • To have liason with different clinics in India and overseas, to bring the latest skills and technologies to India.

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